Since it's inception in 2011, the Second Chance Program has impacted more than 22,000 students! Watch this video to feel the journey of these students, who were once school dropouts, but were inspired to restart their education and get empowered.
How are literacy & numeracy skills developed during early years? Educationists and teachers all over the world are looking for an answer to this question. At Pratham, we tried to answer this in our own context. Watch this video to learn what magic, a right and appropriate input at the right time can create!
For the second Data. Decisions. Public Policy. lecture, Dr. Rukmini Banerji (CEO of Pratham) spoke about "Measurement for Action."
Sean Connery's Big Break Pratham's Read India program gives millions of children their BIG BREAK every year.
Learn how Muskaan benefited from Pratham's Read India Learning Camps.
A glimpse of Pratham's Science fairs which aims to stimulate scientific curiosity among the upper primary/ middle school children.
A digital letter from our Second Chance students to every girl in the country who has dropped out of school, urging them to resume their studies once again.
The video shows the work Pratham Institute is doing with the district collector in Gadchiroli....we have a career guidance &counselingcenter through which we assess and then counsel students. Post this, those who are interested are streamlined into our vocational courses
See how Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children helped Zaid and Mehek, differently abled children.
The video gives a glimpse on how Pratham Infotech Foundation to bridge the digital divide in schools and communities.
How to go from counting students to measuring learning?

A video by the Hewlett Foundation on Citizen-led assessments such as ASER adopted by various countries.
Rukmini Banerji talking about the decade long partnership between JPAL and Pratham.
Annie Duflo talking about the project by Govt of Ghana influenced by Pratham
A short video of Dr. Rukmini Banerji speaking at the ODI Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Panel Discussion on Public services for all: the politics of delivery.
Dr. Rukmini Banerji talks about how greater participation and involvement of parents, schools, government and community in the child's learning process will have a positive result.

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