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Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children (PCVC) started in Mumbai in 2001 as Pratham's outreach programme for vulnerable children in disadvantaged communities.

For the first three years, the programme focused on the conditions of underaged children working in Mumbai. Most of these children were trafficked from different parts of India and brought into the city. During this period, the PCVC helped curtail child labour in Mumbai and facilitated the formation of a Special Task Force under the Government of Maharashtra. This has resulted in the rescue and rehabilitation of over 50,000 children in the city to date.


Subsequently, work began in the states where these children originally belonged. The programme then began to address broader issues of child rights such as protection, education, participation, and development.


Today, the PCVC is operational in 7 states and reaches close to 60,000 children annually in urban and rural areas. Direct programmes include drop-in centers, educational support classes, residential shelters, child rights desks, focused city-block interventions, and health and disability initiatives. Additionally, the PCVC reaches about 1, 20,000 children annually through child rights awareness sessions in schools, communities, and villages.

Objectives of the programme:
Reach out and address the issues of all vulnerable children.
Prevent children from entering the labor market.
Withdraw child workers and other vulnerable children from work or other exploitative situations.
Prepare children to be integrated and sustained in formal schooling.
Raise awareness on child rights issues.
Advocacy with the Government.

The PCVC's broader objective has always been to demonstrate successful models of intervention which can be replicated across districts by State Governments. Over the years, the PCVC has become increasingly influential in the political arena on child rights protection. The programme has helped ensure important improvements in legislation and policies that better serve the interests of vulnerable children.

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