Pratham InfoTech Foundation (PIF) was started in 2004 to achieve e-education for all. The PIF works to facilitate the adoption of Information Technology (IT) in education and to boost digital literacy. This way we can bridge the digital divide in India and aid inclusive growth.
In-School Programmes
Computer Aided Learning: Aiming to enrich the process of learning for primary school children through the use of competency-based educational computer games.
Digital Literacy as Life Skill: Teaching basic technological skills that are in demand in today's world and exposing students to available options in the job market.
Learning Skill Development: Tutoring and training in advanced software to strengthen skills and cognitive abilities that are necessary for higher education and learning.
Teaching Effectiveness: Conducting workshops and training sessions to guide teachers on the use of IT in classrooms and school administration.
Community based programmes
Public Online Media: Welfare program to create a sustainable, information-based ecosystem for people with relatively limited reading ability. The India Beehive program contains information in vernacular languages covering basic relevant topics like Finance, Health, Education, Livelihood, Agriculture, etc.
Outreach and Awareness: Reaching out to youth with limited education and bridging the skill gap in underserved communities for IT adoption, training, and soft skill development.
Youth Training: Aiming to provide affordable training options in IT, soft skills, and workplace leadership that allow youth to stay productive and competitive in the marketplace.

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