Pratham Virtual Open Schools ( is a non-profit initiative implemented by Pratham ( and supported by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network ( PVOS is at the cusp of innovative pedagogy and leading technology. It brings together the depth of Pratham's extensive on ground experience and SDSN's global outreach.

Established in 2014, PVOS aims to identify and test a model for large-scale provision of quality secondary level education in rural areas in an economically sustainable way, given the high costs of secondary schooling, low learning levels, a large number of out of school children, and the absence of quality teachers.

PVOS has Virtual Learning Centers in Medak District in Telangana and in Jaipur and vicinity blocks in Rajasthan. In- and Out- of School children attend these centers on a daily basis, and have access to individual laptops with internet access to interact with the online learning platform, and to learn from remote teachers from across India.

The core objectives of PVOS are:

Objectives of the programme:
To promote self and peer learning among children and study the resulting improvements in learning outcomes
To connect students in poorly served areas with high quality teachers and learning materials using technology
To document the learning levels and pedagogical needs of children in low-quality learning environments
To create a replicable model for delivery of quality education that can be scaled up through existing schools, or through a franchisee model at an affordable cost
How does a typical session at PVOS work?