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Pratham began working in the state of Assam in 2005. Key programmes across the state include:
Read India is active in 10 blocks across 10 districts.
Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) centres exist in the Sonitpur district.
A Godrej Beauty Hub has been set up in Dibrugarhunder Pratham's Vocational Training programme.
Digital Classrooms are active in 120 schools across the state.

  Learn India pilot is currently being conducted with 10 blocks
Special Programmes
A programme for children in upper primary schools is active in 3 locations across the state.
UNICEF has funded a 'Learning Enhancement Programme' in 51 schools in the tea garden region in 2 blocks in Dibrugarh. The programme focuses on improving English and arithmetic skills of children in Std. 1-5.