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About Pratham

Pratham was founded in 1995, to provide pre-school education to children in Mumbai slums. Over the last 27 years, Pratham has grown to be one of the largest non-profit organizations working to provide quality education to children and youth in over 20 states and union territories across the country, through a range of interventions.

Pratham is a widely recognized organization, having received notable awards such as the Yidan Prize, Lui Che Woo Prize, WISE Prize for Innovation, Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the Henry R Kravis Prize in Leadership, and the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year for Public Service. For more details, refer to

About this role

Trainer manages the overall training of assigned trainee batches independently, at the center & thus preparing them as per the respective industry requirements and standards. The Trainer works in the overall direction of the respective Master Trainer in maintaining the standard quality of training at the respective center. He/She also works closely with other Center staff under the overall leadership of Center Head. At all times he/she has to ensure that Academic operations are aligned with overall center planning and operations.

This position will hold responsibility for the overall program at state/project level. Detailed responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following broad areas:

1. Independently executing, documenting, reporting, and monitoring the overall ‘Batch Academic Plan’ for assigned batches (as per discretion of Master Trainer and Center Head), that includes the following:

  • Implementing the Academic Plan, which includes.
    1. Managing the training of the assigned batch from start to end.
    2. Maintenance of relevant Academic records and documents like Growth Report, Weekly report, Assessment Database, etc. for quality audit purposes.
  • Conducting proper On-Job-Training (OJT) visits
  • Preparing assessment report of respective batch
  • Keep Master Trainer updated about progress of the assigned batches

(Note: Apart from conducting assigned batches at the Center, Trainer shall also be responsible for conducting ‘Webinars’ and conduct ‘Community Batches’, as per requirement)

2. To ensure the smooth functioning of classes in terms of: (All)

  • Content delivery which includes demonstrations, practical sessions, etc.
  • Ensuring proper discipline at all times
  • Ensuring proper grooming of trainees
  • Keeping a record of trainee’s attendance

3. He/She should determine the overall effectiveness of programs and training by listening to feedback ( Trainees, Alumni, Placement Associate, Placement Partners, etc.) and make necessary improvements, while keeping Master Trainer in loop.

4. Maintaining inventory (In & out register) for Training-Learning Material (TLM), with support of Training Associate.

5. Entailing orientation and counseling of trainees with regards to queries related to Industry and post-placement scenarios.

6. Capturing the overall training phase of trainees for social media and case-study purposes, with support of Training Associate.

7. Updating Master Trainer and Center Head about developments in assigned batches. Supporting the Regional Academic in conducting Center-level academic audits.

8. He/She should keep himself/herself updated about the respective Sector Skill Council and the latest industrial innovations, needs, norms, safety rulings, etc., and also share with Center academic staff. Further, he/she should use the knowledge/ awareness innovatively to tune the training, while keeping the Master Trainer in the loop.

9. Develop and maintain a collaborative relationship with center staff, especially with Placement Associate to understand current industrial needs.

10. He/she should report data and other relevant details on completed courses, issues, and absences to the Master Trainer.

11. Consciously he/she should model himself/herself, as well as promote a workplace culture that is consistent with the official ‘Code of Conduct’ and emphasizes the mission, vision, guiding principles, and values of the organization.

12. At all times he/she shall be conscious-of and promote ‘Gender Sensitivity’ and ‘Gender Equality’ in all means of communication ( like verbal, non-verbal, written, etc.) and actions, in official premises, on field or while interacting with trainees, staff, community stakeholders, Govt. organizations, Other organizations or entities.

Reporting to:

This position is required to report to the Center Head.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:

Educational & Professional Qualifications:

  • Minimum Qualification: Graduation from respective technical domain/sector/industry.
  • Experience: Minimum 1 year of practical experience in the respective technical domain/sector/industry, as well as a minimum 1-2 years of academic teaching experience. Candidates with experience in designing training programs and workshops shall be given preference.
  • Must be above the age of 23.

Desirable Skills:

  • Should have outstanding Platform Skills i.e. the presentation skills to transmit content effectively to an audience.
  • Technical Knowledge (Practical & Theory): Must have a strong technical background and experience in a technical training role, with specialized knowledge of specific industries.
  • Teaching Skills: Online & Offline Have advanced teaching skills in both offline and online mode, especially aptitude for e-learning and mobile training.
  • Management Skills: Must possess good Management and delegation skills which include trainee counseling & mentoring. Along with the ability to handle multiple roles and activities at a given time.
  • Must have good Communication & Interpersonal Skills in the regional local language and English.
  • Must have a Flexible Problem-solving approach, along with having a proactive, innovative, and positive mindset.
  • Digital skills: Understanding the workings and usage of:
    1. Social media platforms like Whatsapp, Workplace, etc.
    2. Digital meeting platforms like Zoom, Google meet
    3. Proficiency in MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and Google applications (Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.)
    4. Understanding of different applications (apps), portals, dashboards, etc.

Preferred Skills:

  • Willingness to learn and adapt to changing environment
  • Ability to listen patiently and being non-judgmental
  • Building trust-based relationships with the staff
  • Ability to build rapport with people and work well with diverse teams
  • Excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills
  • Good training skills
  • Strong work ethic and attention to detail
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and work independently
  • Experience in similar position/role will be an added advantage

Pratham teams work in rural areas therefore willingness to travel with the state and to other Pratham offices for this position is essential.

Application Process

Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand (Preference will be given to local applicants.) Please send the CV/Resume to

We will reach out to you to set up the application process. Due to the high volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to all applicants.

(Note: Kindly share a updated CV/Resume containing:

  • Contact information for applicant (Contact number & Email Id)
  • Academic background
  • Universities attended; degrees acquired
  • Academic record
  • Past work experience if any, highlighting relevant skills
  • Languages proficiency