Over the past 25 years, Pratham has worked at scale across India to address the education crisis facing the nation’s children and youth. Today, as we confront an unprecedented challenge, we are leveraging our experience and agility to navigate the pandemic and fulfill our mission.

  • Keeping people safe and informed
  • Connecting with children and communities in a new way
  • Partnering with governments to support learning
  • Making resources available to all
  • Responding to the crisis through targeted initiatives


Acing the numbers game!

Let’s do a vocab recap!

The Lion & the mouse

Chaitanya – plumbing for good!

Jyoti – the Corona Warrior

Facial Expression

Tring Tring Telephone

A rhyme by little learners in Himachal Pradesh

Word Antakshari

Shale Baherchi Shala – an initiative of the Government of Maharashtra & Pratham

Anjali Rao & Shyam Bai Bhatt

Gokul & Sagar

Jyoti Sarde

Conference Call