Welcome to Rubaru! A Virtual Town Tall exclusively for Pratham employees.
Listen to inspiring conversations, questions and answers, hear what our colleagues are thinking and have loads of fun!

Rubaru Sessions

Session 1 with Dr. Madhav Chavan

Session 2 with Ms. Farida Lambay 

Session 3 with Ms. Usha Rane 

Session 4 with Dr. Rukmini Banerji

Session 5 with Dr. Wilima Wadhwa

Session 6 with Rajesh, Anita, Shivaji & Rani from PI

Session 7 with Kishor, Sneha, Shekhar and Tushar from PCVC

Session 8 with Nuzhat, Parveen, Sajjan & Sanjay

Session 9 with Joginder, Sheshadri, Somraj & Vajinder

Session 10 with Renu, Viplow, Samyukta, Somnath & Ajit

Session 11 with Sukhada, Ranjeeta, Medha & Sarika

Session 12 with Farida Lambay and guests

Session 13 – Reflections and thoughts

Session 14 – Pratham Kalakaar!

Session 15 on NEP with Senior Leadership

Session 16 on NEP 

Session 17 on NEP with the Digital Team

Session 18 on ASER 2020

Session 19 with the International Team