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The Problem
India's youth faces serious problems of unemployment and underemployment. The causes are legion and include dropping out of high school because of poor education, needing to support one's family at an early age, a lack of information on the job market, and, most importantly, not possessing the basic skills required by employers today. Many youth engage in daily wage work unaware of the opportunities available to them.
What is the Pratham Institute's role?
The Pratham Institute for literacy, education and vocational training was set up in 2005 to help provide individuals with practical skills. The aim was to create sustainable youth skilling programs for employment in industry and to foster entrepreneurship. The objectives are as follows:
To provide vocational skills training and subsequent job opportunities to underprivileged youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
To help youth build confidence and develop the foundational skills needed to succeed in the professional world.
To meet the labour demands of high-growth sectors in India.
To create entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial support.
Major Programmes
The Pratham Institute aims to address India's growing demand for skilled manpower in the following three ways:
Pratham Arora Centre for Education (PACE)

Four industry-specific programs are offered through the PACE centres.The course provides youth with the necessary first-hand experience of growing industries — Hospitality, Construction, Bedside Assistance, and Automotive.

Curricula for these courses have been developed in partnership with leading corporations such as Taj Group of Industries, Larsen and Toubro, and Tata. The theoretical and practical elements of each course help students gain a holistic learning experience.

Students are recruited from various rural areas, urban slums, and minority communities to be trained for a period of 3 months. The eligibility criteria for joining any of these courses is the applicant's interest and inclination as opposed to high school achievements. Along with certification, the course also provides students with placement and job opportunities.
Entrepreneurship programmes

The Pratham Institute provides an entrepreneurship programme that caters to youth, especially women, who want to set up their own businesses. Talented and interested individuals are selected and given material support and mentorship. Currently the Beauty Entrepreneurship Program and Tailoring Entrepreneurship Program are operational.
General skilling centres

These centres focus on providing employment readiness skills. The foundation course focuses on soft skills to ensure personal and professional growth, along with options in specific courses like Retail, Desktop Publishing, Tally, Hardware and Networking, Mobile Repair, White Goods Repair, and Driving.
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The video shows the work Pratham Institute is doing with the district collector in Gadchiroli....we have a career guidance & counseling center through which we assess and then counsel students. Post this, those who are interested are streamlined into our vocational courses