Open Internships

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During my six months interning with the Program Management Group, I had the opportunity to work with just a few of the smart, passionate and inspiring people who make Pratham the organization it is. While I got to explore many aspects of what PMG does, I mainly worked on research and evaluation components of Pratham’s Early Years interventions. Through this work, I participated in many interesting discussions with donors, research collaborators and teams across the organization, cultivating useful skills throughout. My time in the central office was supplemented by field visits to rural and urban programs in six states, where I could see the successes and challenges of implementation at scale. The learnings from my internship are sure to influence my future, both personally and professionally, and I’m so grateful to the everyone who enhanced my Pratham experience.

- Charlotte


As a research intern working primarily on government partnerships, I loved the independence I was given to tailor my internship experience and the responsibility to initiate projects that would have a visible impact on Pratham’s collaboration with the government. I was also privileged to learn from an organisational culture which rewards strong work ethic and takes great pride in its values, which helped me assume greater individual accountability. Overall, my experience has been extremely rewarding in not only cementing my interest in development, but also helping me build a broad professional skill-set for the sector!

- Romasha

My summer internship at Pratham proved to be an unmatched learning experience. I was encouraged to get hands-on experience and was presented with multiple opportunities to do field work, reporting, research and even partner meetings - all in the span of just one month.  At Pratham I was also encouraged to take initiative and ownership of tasks which helped me grow on a personal and a professional level. I truly believe that interning at Pratham was one of the best professional decisions I have taken so far.

- Shivani