Internship Opportunities

PILOT, Pratham’s Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow

About Pratham Skilling

Pratham’s vocational skilling & entrepreneurship arm was started in 2005 with a mission to create sustainable programs for training and retraining of youth for employability or entrepreneurship. Our 140+ training centers are spread across 15 states in India. We have reached over 200,000 students till date in various skills through our Industry-specific courses in Hospitality, Construction, Electrician, Automotive, Beauty and Healthcare. We also run Entrepreneurship programs to cater to people who have an entrepreneurial mindset and have supported 2,500+ entrepreneurs till date

Pratham Skilling is a uniquely hybrid team with the energy and innovation of a start-up backed with the scale, resources, brand and network of India’s biggest NGO. We attempt to leverage these strengths to innovate and develop financially sustainable, cutting-edge solutions to the problems of providing large-scale information dissemination about jobs, access to training to reach employability, certification of skills, and provision of subsequent employment or self-employment opportunities. 

Pratham is also known as a launch-pad for young talent – our alumni have started significant organizations like Akshara Foundation, PRS and Kaivalya, and are regularly selected for elite education programs, including at Ivy League institutions like Harvard and Wharton. 


Pratham’s Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow (PILOT) is an effort to bring together folks who would like to contribute towards the mission of empowering youth. It is a remote self-paced internship program which gives you the chance to use your skills to help promote the mission to skill the youth of India. 

We have exciting innovation projects currently running in Pratham for which we’re looking for people with a background in graphic design/ media/ research/ education/ social work/ technology. Our work is centred around the following themes – livelihoods, migration, entrepreneurship, skilling and education. As a PILOT you will have the opportunity to contribute to various projects, including the chance to get your article/design/photo featured on our monthly newsletter – Think Labor. To get a sense of the type of projects completed by PILOTS please visit

Application Process: 

To decide if this program is the right fit for you, ask yourself the following questions – 

  • Are you interested in spending a few hours every week with people from the development sector? 
  • Do you have an interest in creative problem-solving? 
  • Are you motivated and self-driven? 
  • Do you enjoy any one of the following activities – writing articles, teaching young people, creative designing, filmmaking, social media engagement and/or participating in research projects?
  • Can you spare at least 5 hours a week to remotely work on these projects with minimal supervision?
  • Are you fluent in any of the following languages – English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Telugu/ Tamil/ Odiya/ Bangla/ Punjabi/ Gujarati/ Kannada/ Assamese?

If you answered Yes to 4 or more questions, then looks like you have what it takes to be a PILOT. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the application form on this link and wait for our call 

Please note: We select candidates in batches throughout the year. Due to volume of applications only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Next round of PILOTs will be selected in February 2023.