TaRL and Pratham’s background paper in UNESCO’s GEM Report 2020

The Global Education Monitoring report released by UNESCO has a section on Teaching at the Right Level. This year’s theme of the report is Inclusion in Education. The report discusses Teaching at the Right Level as an inclusive pedagogy as compared to the usual, traditional approaches of teaching-learning. Here is the link to the full report https://en.unesco.org/gem-report/report/2020/inclusion

Teaching at the Right Level features on pages on 138-39. Please refer to the PDF

The report also has a paper on Teaching at the Right Level by Rukmini Banerji, Arjun Agarwal and Samyukta Lakshman. Here is the link to the paper

https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000373668  Please refer to the PDF.