STAYING IN TOUCH: Reaching children & communities during the pandemic

Since the lockdown in April, Pratham teams have reached out to more than 11,000 communities and more than 100,000 volunteers by sharing remote learning activities across 21 states in India. In our attempt to “stay in touch" with every child, Pratham teams have shared remote learning activities through both online and offline platforms with everyone from parents & volunteers in communities to school teachers and state governments.
In the Staying in Touch Report, we present to you highlights and key insights of the “Staying in Touch" activities from the period April to June 2020. The report covers the following sections:
  • Reach: Who did we reach and how?
  • Content: Highlights of Karona Thodi Masti Thodi Padhai activities sent through WhatsApp and activities sent through SMS
  • Insights: What did we learn from the both internal deep dive studies and external e-content surveys?