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ASER 2020 Wave 1 findings released on Oct 28, 2020

India’s largest phone-based survey on children’s learning releases with ASER 2020 Wave 1 


The Annual Survey of Education Report 2020 Wave 1 was released on Oct 28 with representative data from 30 Indian states and union territories. Mr. Ajay Piramal, Chairman of the Board, Pratham Education Foundation, released the report that included a sample of 118,838 households. ASER 2020 – Wave 1 is the first ever phone-based ASER survey.

ASER 2020 reached 59,251 children aged 5-16 years and 52,227 households across India. Additionally, around 9000 schools were also surveyed to understand children’s access to digital learning resources during school closures.

The survey showed that children from families who had low education and didn’t have resources like smartphones were more deprived of learning opportunities. But even among such households, there is evidence that families and schools try to help. Find out more data and details from ASER 2020 Wave 1 below

Conducted in September 2020, the sixth month of national school closures, the survey explores provision of and access to distance education mechanisms, materials and activities for children in rural India, and the ways in which children and families are engaging with these remote learning alternatives from their homes.


You can access the key documents from the ASER 2020 Wave 1 below:

Full report (click)

National findings (click)

National PPT (click)

Press release (English | Hindi)

About the survey (click)

Survey process (click)