Program Roles

Central Content Associate, Elementary Grades, Pratham

About Central Content Associate for Elementary Grades
The position of a Central Content Associate for the Elementary Grades Team offers wide spectrum of opportunity in the education sector. The Central Content Associate for Elementary Grades Team functions along following outlines:

• Development of quality learning content for foundation literacy and numeracy.
• Building and reinforcement of teachers’ capacities, via training workshops on pedagogy and maximized learning techniques in Indian classrooms
• Tracking field progress through field visits, testing content feasibility and following reports

Roles & Responsibilities
The primary roles and responsibilities of a Central Content Associate will include:
• Creating Teaching-Learning materials: The Associate will create quality teaching-learning materials for relevant grades with the requirements of any project/region.
• Teacher-training material: The associate will design modern and dynamic training approaches for the teachers. He/she will also train teachers in various locations on the specific manuals and modules created.
• Digital Content: The Associate will create online content such as audio, video, text messages etc for children as well as teachers/facilitators.
• Capacity Building: The associate will build Pratham’s field staff’s capacity by handling project-specific trainings/workshops in various locations. By interacting with teachers on an on-going basis, he/she will understand the requirements of teachers and students, as-well-as design and implement changes wherever required.
• Field visits: The Associate will periodically make visits to project locations in order to personally gauge classroom issues, assist teachers, interact with community members – parents, village head, angawadi sevikas etc and write reports on crucial field categories.
• Report writing: The associate will compile and write reports on behalf of Central Content Team for Elementary Grades.
• Designing and lay outing: The associate will provide valuable inputs to the DTP and graphic designers to produce quality teaching-learning materials.

Required Qualifications, Skills and Abilities:
• Graduate degree (Language and Literature/Social Work/ Child Development and related fields)
• Strong command over oral and written Hindi and English languages
• Discerning eye for editing and modifying contents
• Ability to communicate fluently in Hindi and English (preference to the candidate of one southern language)
• Ability to work effectively in teams
• 0 – 2 years of work experience
• Strong literary connections
• Strong interest in the goals of Pratham
• Comfortable with extensive field work and travel
• Ability to organize and manage multiple tasks efficiently

• Familiarity with rural and semi-urban regions of India
• Willing to travel frequently
• Work experience in development projects
• Qualification of teaching- learning methodology in early years
• Preference will be given to person with Master’s in Social Work/ Language and Literature/ Child Development

Application Process
1. Send the following to and mention ‘Application for the position of Central Content Associate – Elementary Grades in the subject line:
i) Current Resume: Resume should contain
• Contact Information for Applicant
• Academic Background
• Universities Attended; Degrees Acquired
• Academic Record (Marks or GPA, if applicable)
• Past work experience, highlighting relevant skills
• Relevant Coursework: List Courses in Development, Management and Education
• Experiences in development, teaching and/or education (if applicable)
• Languages Spoken

ii) Statement of Purpose (500 Words)
2. Based on the resume and Statement of Purpose, suitable candidates will be shortlisted for a brief telephonic interview and will be required to submit a written assignment.
3. Further shortlisted candidates will be invited for a final round of interview.
We are accepting applications on a rolling basis till the position is filled.
• ₹30,000 – ₹40,000 per month.
• Salary shall be finalized based on the experience and skill set of candidates. Salary is negotiable for exceptional candidates.
• Travel, food and lodging costs for work related travel outside base location shall be separately borne or reimbursed on actuals by Pratham.