Program Roles

Content & Training Associate, State (English)

About Pratham
Pratham was founded in 1995, to provide pre-school education to children in Mumbai slums. Over the last 27 years, Pratham has grown to be one of the largest non-profit organizations working to provide quality education to children and youth in over 20 states and union territories across the country, through a range of interventions. Pratham is a widely recognized organization, having received notable awards such as the Yidan Prize, Lui Che Woo Prize, WISE Prize for Innovation, Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the Henry R Kravis Prize in Leadership, and the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year for Public Service. For more details, refer to

About this role:
The incumbent will be accountable for develop, design educational content as per the program requirement, with comprehensive responsibilities that encompass, but are not restricted to, the following broad areas.

 The Associate will develop teaching and learning materials of high quality tailored to the specific grade requirements of the program.
 The associate will be responsible for designing innovative and engaging training methods for facilitators. Additionally, He/she will provide training to facilitators in different clusters, focusing on the specific manuals and modules that have been developed.
 The Associate will be responsible for creating and updating online content for both students and facilitators. This includes various formats such as audio, video, and text messages.
 The associate will Assist the State HR in enhancing the capacity of program staff by conducting program-specific training and workshops in different program locations. He/she will actively
engage with facilitators to comprehend their needs and those of the students. Based on this understanding, the associate will design and implement necessary changes to improve the
 The Associate will conduct regular visits to all cluster centers to personally assess classroom challenges, provide assistance to facilitators, and engage with community members including
parents, village heads, and other concerned persons. He/she will also be responsible for documenting crucial field observations and preparing detailed reports on relevant categories.
 The associate will oversee, support and monitor all program-related activities and provide regular reports to the Program In-charge & State Head.
 The associate will consistently compile and write reports on a regular basis.
 Support mobilization in the beginning of the academic year and assist the program in-charge in students form submission.

Travel: 80% travel in a month, to our centers in Sanchi, Sehore, Satna & Tikamgarh

Reporting to:
This position is required to report to the Program In-charge, State Head & Central Content & training Associate (English).

Qualifications and Experience
Educational / Professional Qualifications:
 Must have Completed Graduate with English as one of the subjects.
 Strong Verbal & written command in English.
 Ability to lead & work effectively in teams.
 02 years of work experience in teaching.
 Ability to organize and manage multiple tasks efficiently.

● Qualification of teaching- learning methodology in early years
● Preference will be given to person with Master’s in English Language
Pratham teams work in rural areas therefore willingness to travel with the state and to other Pratham offices for this position is essential.

Application Process
Please send the resume & cover letter to before 27/07/2023. We will reach out to you to set up the application process. Due to the high volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to all applicants.
1. Current Resume: Resume should contain
● Contact information of the applicant.
● Previous Experience.
● Contact Details of Previous employers with their official email address.
● Academic background
o Universities attended; degrees acquired.
o Academic record
o Past work experience, highlighting relevant skills.
o Languages proficiency