Pratham started in Mumbai almost 25 years ago. Then and now, our vision is to ensure that every child is in school and learning well. Then it was Mumbai. Now it is India. In fact, some of Pratham’s key approaches have also spread to Africa. To work towards this goal, Pratham provides a broad-based platform for activities in education and skill development across India.

By 2005, after just ten years of existence, Pratham’s presence had expanded to more than 10 states across India. We launched the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), and developed specialized initiatives aimed at tackling key challenges in Indian education. We believe that our work should be rigorously evaluated to test the impact and scalability of our innovations.  Today, we continue to grow, innovate and develop low-cost, high impact and scalable approaches with the goal of meeting the educational needs of millions of underprivileged children and youth across India.