• Khalapur Science Centre gets a new Electronic Lab, thanks to Applied Materials India The day began earlier than most days for the Pratham Science Team in Khalapur, rising and bustling to prepare for the inauguration that was to happen later that day. On 26th August, 2019, Om Nalamasu, CTO of Applied Materials, inaugurated the Electronic Lab of the Science Program at the Pratham Science Centre in Khalapur that… read more
  • Culture and the labour market keep India’s women at home Original article appeared in the Economist on Jul 5, 2018: https://www.economist.com/briefing/2018/07/05/culture-and-the-labour-market-keep-indias-women-at-home How can they be helped to return to the workforce? Neither of Kirandeep Kaur’s older sisters works. Nor do most of her girlfriends. But the 21-year-old is giving it a shot. By the summer, upon completion of a three-month nursing course, she hopes to… read more