Chintamoni: A Volunteer’s Empowering Journey through Education

Chintamoni's passion for learning took a significant turn after she became a Pratham volunteer

Twenty-two year-old Chintamoni is driven by her passion for working with children and her love for learning. Hailing from a small village called Binodpur in West Bengal, she faced economic hardships that forced her to discontinue her education. Her family's financial struggles, with her father working as a farmer and her brothers dropping out of school, made things even harder. But Chintamoni's passion for learning never wavered. She grabbed every opportunity that came her way.

In 2022, Chintamoni's life took a significant turn when she became a volunteer teacher at Pratham's CAMaL Ka Camp, a summer catch-up camp supporting children in Grades IV and V to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. She taught children reading, writing, math through guided activities encouraging children to participate and communicate effectively.

She got an opportunity to enhance her skills as well. Under Pratham's 'Education For Education' (EFE) initiative, Chintamoni did a Digital Readiness course focusing on digital literacy.

In 2023, when the summer camp returned to the village, she once again signed up as a volunteer. This time, Chintamoni went door to door encouraging families to let their children attend the CAMaL Ka Camp. With her determination and persistence, she inspired the local youth to join as volunteers. Having conducted the previous year's camp with great success, she was very confident to pull off all the reading, writing, math activities with ease. Moreover, she looked forward to teaching and interacting with children.

This year Chintamoni did Pratham's ‘Be Internet Awesome’ course. Through the course, she understood more about sharing personal information with care, identifying fraud calls and links, cyberbullying and cyber crime.

“I am very happy to get this opportunity to learn about so many useful things through EFE. Such courses are not found easily in rural areas and are also expensive. I found the course very useful and now I will tell my friends and family about it so that everyone can be protected from frauds,” shared Chintamoni.