Dadi Rajpati

Dadi Rajpati

Dadi Rajpati: Her Quiet Revolution In Haryana’s Madeena Village

65-year-old woman from Haryana passionately drives the Children’s Club in the village

Dadi Rajpati, a 65-year-old woman from Rohtak district, Haryana, has never attended school, but she is determined to ensure that her grandchildren and the other children in the village have access to learning and educational opportunities.

She has three sons, daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren. The family's livelihood is sustained through labour work and Dadi's old-age pension.

Dadi's association with Pratham began in 2020 during a volunteer mobilization drive. Her enthusiasm for the initiative was truly inspiring. She quickly became a passionate advocate for ensuring there were no gaps in her grandchildren’s education. Her granddaughter, Nidhi, inspired by her Dadi's dedication, embarked on a journey as a Pratham volunteer. Nidhi's commitment, in turn, led to her younger siblings, Kafi and Prince, actively participating in Pratham's Children's Club activities.

Dadi's influence extended far beyond her immediate family. She has affectionately named the children’s group, the Bhagat Singh group. She engages with the eight learners in the group with stories inspired by their daily lives, and their learning activities begin with her tales and end with her entertaining riddle-guessing games.

Dadi's stories, featuring characters like “Raja-Rani," “Jungle ka Raja," and “Akbar-Birbal," have become an integral part of their educational journey. She is equally excited about Pratham's learning games like “Tali Chutki" and “Todo Jodo".

Dadi's bond with the children is unwavering. Whenever she is unwell, they express their concern by visiting her, strengthening the connection that fuels her determination to bring joy to their lives.

Recently, Dadi's heartwarming gesture captured the entire village's attention. She used her pension to purchase a blackboard for the children, addressing a long-standing need. This board has become a valuable asset, enhancing the children's camp activities and bringing them immense joy.

Dadi's aspirations don't stop here. She envisions establishing a shared library for all the children's club groups in the village, with support from the community. Her desire is rooted in a strong belief: “I never attended school, and I couldn't provide higher education opportunities to my sons, but I am determined to ensure that my grandchildren and other children in the village receive adequate education to become independent."

Dadi Rajpati is a shining example of the impact Pratham's initiatives can have, both at a personal and community level. Her unwavering commitment to education and her dedication in ensuring access to learning serve as a beacon of hope for the people in Madeena village.