In the last twenty five years, Pratham has worked on scale with children across the country on a range of educational interventions and in a variety of learning contexts. In these difficult times, Pratham is working to provide children across the country access to engaging learning content. Currently we have 3000+ videos, 400+ games, 200+ stories and 3 learning applications across 12 languages.

Pratham’s Digital content has been created for three domains – preparation for school, preparation for life and preparation for work. There is something for everyone, from age 3 to 18+. These resources have been created to encourage groups and individuals to do activities and projects by themselves.

All these resources are available for free and can be accessed by downloading the PraDigi App or visiting our website prathamopenschool.org. Videos have been made available on Pratham Open School YouTube channels as well.


Our digital content is also available on the National Teacher Training Platform (Diksha) which can be accessed by government teachers and school authorities and has been uploaded on a variety of distance learning portals (EAA, Kolibri).

In August, we conducted a feedback exercise with partners using Pratham's WhatsApp content across the country, and had interesting insights and feedback. Thanks to all our partners who provided the feedback which is summarized in the document below:


To access Pratham’s digital content please visit www.prathamopenschool.org

On your Android phone, download the Pradigi app available on Play Store

For more information, contact us at digital@pratham.org

Exploring Low-tech Resources to Ensure Continued Learning for Children

Access to technology is still a questionable reality in many regions. The rural teledensity and wireless teledensity figures indicate the economic disparity between rural and urban communities. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic further brought to light these skewed disparities. Pivoting its approach to bridge these gaps, Pratham explored low-tech resources such as SMS, Radio, TV, and Whatsapp to ensure that learning content reaches children across India.

Explore our resources here

Learn how to make an episode for TV

Create SMS-based learning content in your language

Create learning content for WhatsApp 

Learn more about radio content

Our repository of learning content as well as manuals on content creation for these low-tech resources is available free for all.